Let us build wealth for you.

Capitalmind Wealth offers transparent, low cost and personalized portfolio management so you can spend your time on the things that matter to you.

Trusted by individuals, companies and HUFs

We manage your personal, business or family wealth with a structure that works best for you.

1000+ Cr


Transparent and exhaustive

Full transparency through Progress - our web app. Get up to date performance reports, portfolio details, tax-statements and fee breakup.

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Our portfolio strategies.


Our proprietary algorithms discover and reward the best performers. Let the winners bloom with our disciplined approach.

Surge India

A diversified portfolio of 30+ companies building for the Indian economy, with paradigm shifts providing the runway to massive growth.

Market Index

Stay passive: Buy the top 100 Indian and top 100 US Stocks for peace of mind. Low cost, high-impact benchmark.

Low Volatility

A quantitative strategy holding a portfolio of robust businesses with lower price volatility than the market.

Strategic Debt

A safe, macro-based, dynamic fixed-income portfolio

Simple no-surprise pricing

Simple, fair and transparent. No surprises. No hidden charges.

The asset management fee

We charge a fixed fee on your account value. This fee is calculated based on daily AUM and charged at end of each quarter. Deducted directly from the portolio.


  • No entry and exit load

  • No lock-in

  • No performance fee

  • Easy withdrawals or exit

Max fee

1%per year

What makes us different

React. Don’t Predict.

We take a disciplined, data-driven approach to investing that is tailored to your needs and adapts to changing market conditions

Comprehensive portfolio strategies

Portfolios set across different principles that offer an edge in changing markets.

Competitive fee

Very competitive fee that is comparable to most mid and multicap mutual funds. And we don't take a chunk from your profits!

Transparent reporting

A well-balanced view into your portfolio performance, holdings, transactions and fees.

Dynamic allocation and deployment

Design your portfolio with a mix of strategies and use our algorithm based deployment over time to manage risk.


Listen to our podcast on why we run a portfolio management service and how we do it differently

Frequently asked questions

For more, head to our detailed PMS FAQs

What’s the minimum invetsment for PMS?
Rs 50 Lakh – that’s the SEBI rule. Beyond that, you can add any amount, or set up an SIP to add money regularly.
Do you accept existing investments as initial funds into PMS?
No. We manage portfolios that have stocks in specific weightages. Therefore, we accept cash that can be invested as per portfolio weightages.
What does your fee include?
What we charge is 0.25% p.a. (Market Index) and 1% p.a. (All other strategies). Taxes and incidentals will add 0.25% more. Details in the FAQs.
Do I need to put 50 Lakh per strategy?
No. You can mix your capital into different strategies, and reallocate them later as well.
How’s PMS structured - demat, bank and trading accounts?
Just an individual demat account in your name with ICICI Bank, our custodian. Your existing ICICI demat accounts cannot be used for PMS. Our banking partner is ICICI Bank and our trading partner is Zerodha. We don’t open a separate bank or trading account for you.
Do you service NRIs?
Currently we are unable to service Non-Resident Indians. We can however manage accounts of any family members who are Indian residents.